If you shop at Costco or Sam’s Club, you will understand an underlying premise of this new approach—BUYING POWER! Our new approach provides ONE resource for all your employee benefit needs, while saving you money by providing volume discounts!  

Did you know that an agent on a typical 75 life group health plan makes about $250 of commission per participant per year, but less than $90 per participant on a group health plan covering 750 participants? The difference is BUYING POWER.

Did you know that the average 401(k)’s total cost for an employer with 50 plan participants is $720 per participant per year; yet a participant in a plan covering 2,000 participants pays on average $450 per year? The difference is BUYING POWER.

How does allmybenefits® bring an employer your size buying power? BUNDLING—to get volume discounts!!

We have put together a package that can not only include group insurance and retirement expertise, but also payroll, a Human Resource Information System, Affordable Care Act compliance, COBRA, and FMLA services. allmybenefits can bring you the efficiency and cost savings of one resource for all your employee benefit needs.

You can have the power!!  Who says benefits can’t be fun? Talk to you soon! 

P.S. This can be achieved without having to change any of your existing benefits programs.